Hefei Runli Textile New Material Co., Ltd.(HAIJIAN) is one of the key enterprises in Southeast Economy Development Zone, specializing in production of “Runli” Brand series assistants.

The main products include AE glue powder, WAX-I, “AM” series size, ”New-I” Environmental-Protection-Type Sizing Agent Assistant, ACD sizing agent, AB adhesive, SM – T liquid emulsified oil, antistatic smooth agent, polyacrylamide, POK – 16 high-grade softening agent, high-efficiency penetration agents, oil cleaning agent, etc. They are widely applied in textile, printing and dying industry. In those sizes, “AM” series size, WAX-I and M-5 sizing material are being exported to many countries.

“Runli” Brand series assistants are qualified in sample surveys made by Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu Province, given the Qualification Certificate and awarded the Customers’ Satisfaction Product by the Customer Committee of the Quality Management Association. “Quality First and Customer First” is the basic tenet of our company. HAIJIAN shall repay the public with reliable quality and satisfactory after service.

Let us cooperate with each other to fight for the bright future in textile industry.

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