Products“AS”series high-performance Modified Starch


“AS”series high-performance Modified Starch

(Government support and investment 2010)

Brief Introduction:

Modified starch of high adhesiveness, applied in high cord density or high tight warp sizing procedure.

Technical index:

  Appearance: White or faint yellow powder
  Solid volume: ≥86%
  Viscosity: Three viscosity, 5±1mpa•s, 7±1mpa•s, 10±2mpa•s, testing (95℃ 6%)
  PH: 7±1

Main Characteristics:

On the basis of high quality esterification modified starch, also by propylene monomer combined and further modified, AS is able to increase the film adhesiveness and wear resistance.
The sizing film is flexible, smooth. Yarn splitting will be easy after drying, so the dry state warp sheet hairiness is going to be reduced.

As size has good dissolvability. It keeps flowing status in constant temperature, which does not freeze and has good compatibility while compared with other sizing materials.
AS size is convenient for desizing. It has good biological degradability,
because the index of COD and BOD is equality to starch.

Be applicable for cotton, linen, rayon, T/C etc.

Convenience to use, packaging with 12.5kg x 2 bags.

Method of Usage:

Put as slowly into mixing cold water, then add other slurry after mixing evenly. Heat it up to 95℃ and stir and stew for 30min (If it is high-pressure barrel, heat it up to 110℃ and stir and stew for 10min). And then the liquor is good for use after setting to the proper concentration or viscosity by prescription.

Packaging and Storage:

Packing with 25kg plastic-paper bag, have 12.5kg*2 bags in inner.
Please store in shade and dry area.


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