Products“AM” Series Size

“AM” Series Size

Brief Introduction:

“AM” series size is a high-tech product developed recently by HaiJian New Textile materials Co., Ltd. Taking the advantage of our propylene synthesis technology, the cassava starch property is greatly improved, so the size adhesiveness is increased and the formed film becomes softer after sizing.

“AM” series size is able to substitute for Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), partially or wholly depends on the type of yarn.

“AM” series size, the successfully developed size, provides a new approach for textile enterprises to choose good modified starch to improve the sizing efficiency. It provides better sized yarn, reduces the cost and meets the demand of high speed, high efficiency and high quality in weaving.

Technical Index:

  Appearance: white or faint yellow powder with white and yellow granules
  Viscosity: 7±2mPa•s, 14±2mPa•s (NDJ-79, 95℃ 6%)
  PH: 7±1
  Solid content: ≥88%

Main Characteristics:

The adhesiveness is greatly improved compared to the pure starch size, as well as the abrasion property and the hairiness.

The film is flexible and gliding, which makes the warp yarns easy to divide. The hairiness could be less during dry state warp sheet splitting in sizing.

Good dissolvability in hot water and good compatibility with other kinds of size.

Desizing is convenient. Good biological degradability makes “AM” an environment-friendly size.
Be applicable for cotton, linen and T/C.

Method of Usage:

Put “AM” size as slowly into mixed cold water, then add other slurry after mixing evenly, heat it up to 95℃ and stir and stew for 30min. (If it is high-pressure barrel, heat it up to 110℃, stir and stew for 10min). And then the liquor is good for use after setting to the proper concentration or viscosity by prescription.

Packaging and storage:

Packing with 25KG plastic-paper bag, have 2 bags of 12.5KG in inner.
Please store in shade and dry area.



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