ProductsM-5 Sizing Material

M-5 Sizing Material

Brief Introduction:

M-5 Sizing Material is applicable for polyester yarn and polyester cotton yarn.

M-5 is a newly-designed sizing agent, developed by Changzhou HaiJian New Textile Materials Co., Ltd. in associated with the research institute. It has the advantages of both PVA and acrylic size, so the film becomes more intact and softer, and the warp yarns are easy to divide, which means the hairiness in splitting can be greatly reduced. With excellent sizing effect, it is widely applied in warp sizing for all varieties of yarns, especially the polyester yarn and polyester cotton yarn.

Technical Index:
  Appearance: white crystal powder with yellow granules.
  Solid content: ≥85%
  Viscosity: 4±2mPa•s (6% concentration, below 25℃)
  PH: 7±1
  Water-solubility: completely soluble above 25 ℃

Method of Usage:

Quantified water in size mixing barrel, turn on stirrer, put M-5 sizing material into the mixer. 10 minutes later, slowly put in starch and PVA according to the prescription. Then stir for another 10 minutes. Start up steam for boiling (set temperature above 95℃ in normal-pressure kettle or above 115℃ in high-pressure kettle), and keep stewing for 30 minutes to melt PVA completely.

And then the liquor is good for use after setting to the proper concentration or viscosity by prescription.

Packaging and Storage:

Packing with 25kg plastic-paper bag, have 10 bags of 2.5kg in inner.
Please store in shade and dry area.


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