Title:Textile prices fell in second quarter (China) Time:2012/7/27

Product prices, mainly textile products, such as cotton textiles, polyester/ cotton textiles and rayon textiles, decreased to a certain extent in the second quarter of 2012 under the influence of various unfavorable factors. Prices of main textiles at the end of the second quarter showed significant reduction compared with the beginning of the quarter. Among them, polyester staple fiber dropped most seriously in price, the price fell 1700 Yuan / ton in just three months, a decline of 15.18 percent.

Secondly, cotton price, viscose staple fiber price, polyester/ cotton yarn price and rayon yarn price also decreased by 1,300 Yuan / ton, 1250 Yuan / ton, 1300 Yuan / ton and 1000 Yuan/ton, reflecting a deduction of 6.67 percent, 7.89 percent, 5.94 percent and 5.05 percent, respectively.

In addition to raw materials and yarns, fabric price also declined, such as prices of cotton fabrics, polyester / cotton cloth and rayon fabrics fell 0.2 Yuan / meter, 0.3 Yuan / meter and 0.2 Yuan / meter, down 3.77 percent and 5.56 percent and 3.64 percent, respectively.


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